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What is Skillots?

Skills in Skillots
Made in July of 2015, Skillots, previously Fast Design, in 2006, is a service that lets you consult and make requests with people who have all kinds of different skills. The name of the service refers to having [lots] of people with [skill]s.

Skillots is a system that lets you make and receive orders online from individuals and industries all over the world, such as for various designs for home pages, leaflet ads, and logos, illustrations of every styles, comic art, writing, movie production, music, narration, copywriting, column writing, content writing, translation, system development, and photography.
At Skillots, by getting offers actively, some creators collects over 10,000 dollars in payments in one month. Search for open jobs

The benefits of using Skillots

Easy, safe, and efficient!


1Be at ease with full support from us!

All users of Skillots receive free support from our support team who are trained in the company. Phone (03-6261-6861), mail (info@skillots.com), make inquiries at ease with our special form.
Safe Transaction

2All service transactions are made through our company, so it’s safe!

In the many intermediary services called crowdsourcing, the customer and seller have a direct contract, and it's specified in the contract that there’s no need to bear responsibilities like having trouble with a manager.
Instead, Skillots customers are bound by an outsourcing contract with our company (our business operator F-platz), and we reconsign work to our sellers. We take all responsibility and handle all services, and if by any chance there is a problem, we resolve it independently.

3It’s effective since it utilizes a system that allows you to easily receive orders!

Skillots uses a search function for people, so just by publishing the categories you’re good at in your profile, you’ll get requests for all sorts of jobs.
Your contract, briefings, and payment, are all done online, letting you receive orders at a speedy pace without excess costs.

Offers from overseas

You can accept requests from clients abroad too!
At Skillots, there are a bunch of requests from overseas! There is a translation service, so you can interact with clients abroad, mainly from Japan, using only English.

Through Skillots, you can work globally using the skills you want to! About the translation service

Offers from clients abroad

Illustration Book Cover, one charahcter desgin(color)
Complete Date2015.06.22 Term29 days FeePrivate
Project TypeBook Design ClientNovelist

[Deliverable specification] Data Format: JPEG (.jpeg / .jpg) Size: cover image must be less than 50MB. A minimum of 625 pixels on the shortest side and 1000 pixels on the longest side [Refer...

CreatorSasaki ayaka
Quick Response"
Quality of work
Accuracy of delivery time
Menu Buttons for a Visual Novel Title Screen
Complete Date2015.05.27 Term3 days FeePrivate
Project TypeInterface Design ClientGame Development

[Purpose of this job] Hey Lightning Saburo. You mentioned on your profile that you do HUD design so I thought this might be up your alley. I need a few text buttons for the main menu of Max's Big Bu...

CreatorLightning Saburo
Quick Response"
Quality of work
Accuracy of delivery time

Alright, let’s begin!

Get Started With Easy 3 Steps!

1Register your profile

First, make a profile with your skill categories.
It will make it easier to receive orders if you include a sample of your work and prices.Get Started

2Accept orders

Once your registration is complete, clients who are interested in you will contact you.
If you give estimates and compete, you will raise your request rate.

If you’re nominated by a client, you can contact them in a specially arranged Project Room.
You’ll decide upon the fees and payments, handling copyrights, and the job subject, and you’ll receive instructions for the client and be offered the job.

3Receiving payment

Once a service has been completed, the total will be paid to the bank you specify on the 15th of each following month!

Common questions regarding registration

  • Does it cost money to register? And does it cost anything else?

    Registration and profile review are free of charge.
    Only after a service has been accepted, you will be paid the fee the client paid after a fixed service charge is deducted.

  • I have a production company, but can I register?

    Yes, both individuals and companies can register. Things like tax withholding will differ for Individuals or companies, so make sure you enter the correct information.

  • How long does it take to review my profile?

    Usually your profile will be reviewed within two business days.
    In the case that you do not get a result within two business days, there may be something incorrect in your profile.

    In [Dashboard > Profile] if your profile status is [under review], your application is correct, so please wait for the result. If the status is [under edit], please edit your profile and click [apply for registration].

  • Can I contact the client directly?

    At Skillots, we prohibit using our service as a means to deal with clients outside our service.

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