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How Skillots Works

Skills on Skillots
Skillots, which has been born in July 2015 based on FASTDESIGN, is a website on which you can get in touch with talented people and order whatever you need.. The service name Skillots comes from LOTS of SKILLs, we are hoping that many talented people with various kind of skills will succeed on our service.

As more than 13K people are publish their profile on Skillots, mainly from Japan, you can order various project such as logo, illustrations in your favorite style, manga, Japanese calligraphy, animation, sound and music, narration, copy writing, translating, and photo shooting. Even personal users can easily proceed projects as well as business users. See Posted Projects

Why Skillots?

Safe, Secure, Efficient!

We are here to help!

1We are here to help!

Our trained support experts are awaiting your call.
Please contact via Email (, or Contact Form.
Safe Trading System

2Secure trading through Skillots

Most of Crowd Sourcing services say that they have no responsibility on trades on their service, as their client and workers make contracts directly.
On the other hand, we, Skillots (Operated by F-Plat, Inc.), make business contract with clients, and we recommission projects to workers. We are responsible for all projects and in case you encounter any trouble, we will take the initiative in solving the problem.

3Efficient way to commission talented people!

With our monthly active check system on workers, all people you find on Skillots will respond you right away. You will not wate time to wate for someone who already disappeared.
All the talented people have their profile on categories which they are good at like design, movie, sound, writing, photo shooting, system development. You will find suitable person for your project quite easily with our profile search.

All the process will proceed on web including finding people, contract, meeting, and payment. It will save time and cost of both of client and workers, and as a result, client can commission with less fee than classical way of trading.

We Meet All Your Needs


On Skillots, there are people with various backgrounds, from high skilled people active in the forefront of industry to students under training. With your budget and quality needs, you can find suitable person to make your project success.

  Delivery Term

When you are in hurry, try Estimation Request. You can find people who can start their work right away. We have supported many projects which have done within one day or two. Don't hesitate to contact us even when you think it's mission impossible.


We can provide sales materials for any kind of industory and/or target, as talented people with various skills are in Skillots. You can choose suitable person who is match your needs like [Brochure for senior people], [Illustrations for teenage girls], [Contents writing for medical media].

Let's get started!

Easy 3 steps to get it done!

1Choose Suitable Person

  • Search

    You can find talented people with Profile Search, Image Search, and Past Project Search.
    When your have firm image on your project, you will find suitable person with this way. Searching talented people
  • Estimation Request

    Post your job and get quotes and profiles from talented people.
    It's useful when you have no idea about pricing, or when you don't know which artist you should chose. About Estimation Request


You can contact with trading partner anytime, anywhere on Project Room, which is the cloud meeting space.
After making a contract with the worker and making escrow payment with the credit card, you just wait for the person to get the job done.


You will get deliverables on the Project Room. The worker will get paid after your inspection approval. In case the trading partner doesn't complete the job, you will get refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a registration fee, or other kind of charge?

    There is no registration fee for Skillots. And you will not be charged any fee until you commission a worker(s) officially, which means you can contact or estimation reauest for free.

    *When we pay for workers, we deduct predetermined amount of money as our fee.

  • Can I use Skillots as an individual?

    Yes, both individuals and corporations can use Skillots.

  • Can I make business contracts or copyright transfer agreements?

    We can issue business contract by contacting us.
    As for copyright, you can make agreement on every project on Project Rooms. When you need it on papers, please contact us.

  • Can I have quatation and/or invoice?

    You can download quatation, invoice, or receipt from the Project Room.

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