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Born and raised in Australia, I have grown up with music my whole life.

I've also been a big fan of video games and cartoons and over the last few years developed a great love for Japanese games and anime in particular.

I aim to become a great composer, sound designer and English voice actor for video games and cartoons/anime and work on projects from all over the world!

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  • Career:10year(s)
  • Area:Australia
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Video Game Music, Anime Music, Film Music, Etc.


After years of learning classical piano, music theory, and electric guitar, I began composing my own music.

After discovering the world of digital audio in high school and moving on to complete a Bachelor of Audio Engineering and Sound Production at the JMC academy, I began working as a freelance composer, sound designer and voice actor.

I have composed pieces for game, animation and film sound tracks, live orchestras, string quartets, rock bands, solo piano, musical theatre, pop singers and various other forms and styles of music.

I have worked on music, sound design and audio post-production for various games and animations, including Super Rocket Cat Deluxe, I C S, Rolling Ball and Black Lung.

As a voiceover artist and voice actor, I have also worked on various projects including voicing ads for Aniplus Singapore, Catapult and Careertastic. As well as playing characters like Tidus in Embers of Magic, all male roles in Skyhill and the narrator in Saviour X.


I have worked on many types of games and will happily work on any project!

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