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After graduating from university, worked at a major IT company in Tokyo. I was involved in the development and operation of web services. At that time, I was in charge of taking photos for publication on the web, which was the trigger for me to become a photographer. For about 12 years, he engaged in photo studio photography in Hiroo, sports photography and event photography on a nationwide scale as a company-approved side job on holidays. I learned the basics of photography from senior photographers through practical work. With a desire to convey the wonder of photography based on the photography experience I have cultivated, I made a U-turn from Tokyo to my hometown of Fukuoka and opened a photo studio. Based on my past experience, I am good at studio photography such as portraits and publicity materials, and powerful sports photography using super telephoto lenses.

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Born in Minami-ku, Fukuoka City Until graduating from high school, spent time in Fukuoka Prefecture and graduated from a national and public university in Kamigyo Tokyo. Worked in the Internet advertising department, while working at Ya*, as a side job, various shootings at a studio in Hiroo, Tokyo (*Y* is allowed to work as a side job). Turned to open an independent photo studio "Cubell Fukuoka"


*We will deliver as JPG photo data. The delivery method is to download the photo data via the internet. *Photos and image data will be transferred to the client without credit, so you can use them freely. * Outdoor shooting and business trip shooting are also available. It is necessary to confirm the photographer's schedule in advance, so please feel free to contact us. *In the case of outdoor shooting or business trip shooting, the photographer's accommodation fee, transportation fee, etc. will be charged in addition to the above basic fee. Shooting in Fukuoka city is free of transportation expenses. *If you wish to take a special photo shoot, we may charge the cost of the equipment required for the photo shoot, entrance fee, etc. in addition to the basic fee above. * We do not allow shooting that violates public order and morals, anti-social shooting, or shooting without permission from the subject.

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