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Nice to meet you, my name is "Yasuaki Misaki", who is a freelance film creator, photographer, and director in Tokyo. is. We also flexibly respond to proposals such as editing only and shooting only. My strength is that I was originally active as an actor and a model, so I can support the production of plays and poses. We will bring out a natural look and provide a higher-grade work. For details, see Also, a short drama casting a famous influencer on YouTube under the channel name "Chiruato". I am doing the production of. I am good at producing short dramas and concept movies using story marketing. (In the past, we have collaborated with Heraherasanzyushi and Mikioda.) I'm really happy to give something, and it's my job to reach more people. Let's create such a work together! !! Please feel free to contact us as we will respond flexibly to any matter. Thank you.

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Belonging to a major entertainment office as an actor and model from 2018 Widely active in CM, MV, movies, etc. 2020 Encountered a movie director who will be a master while acting as a freelance actor 2021 While working with creators on MVs, CMs, corporate PVs, dramas, and movies, he also won the Newcomer Hope Award at the Yubari International Film Festival as an actor.

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