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Jp 日本語

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I am good at landscape and nature photography that makes the most of mobility on a motorcycle. Many contest winning works. We will take pictures of a certain level or higher and provide you with satisfactory pictures.

  • Creator ID:28301
  • Gender:Male
  • Age:42y.o.
  • Career:6year(s)
  • Area:Japan
  • Last Login:Within a month






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Awards Reiwa 3 years 2021 Reconstruction Agency x Tokyo Camera Department "10 Years Photo Contest after the Great East Japan Earthquake" Category Award "Yonesaka Line Photo Contest 2020" Iide Town Mezami no Sato Iide Award "" Yamagata Hiyori. "Photo Contest 2020 ”Prize 2nd year of Reiwa 2020 25th“ Creating a prosperous and livable country ”photo contest 12th (first year of Reiwa) Wildlife Photo Contest ~ Wild animals living in the natural world ~ Winning“ FUN FIND Tohoku × Tokyo Camera Club Photocontes 2nd FIND Award Reiwa 2019 61st Water Photo Contest Selected All Japan Welfare Photo Association 12th Photo Contest Naps 2019 Summer Touring Photo Contest Selected 4th Sabo Calendar Photo Contest Honorable Mention "Oku Aizu Landscape Photo Contest I Want to Keep in the Future" Selected Yamamoto Photo Contest Special Selection (Best Award) 2018 2018 DJ Railroad Diamond Information x Compass Timetable x Olympus Nippon Local Line Photo Contest Best Award July 2017 22nd "Creating a Rich and Comfortable Country" Photo Contest Selected Nap's Spring 2017 Touring Photo Contest Honorable Mention 6th Iide Kahoku Reconstruction Photo Exhibition Jury Special Award 2016 2016 5th Iide Kahoku Reconstruction Photo Exhibition Kahoku Ishimaki Award (Best Award 2015 Naps 2015 Summer Touring Photo Contest Honorable Mention 20th "Creating a Prosperous and Comfortable Country" Photo Contest Jury Special Award Naps 2015 Spring Touring Photo Contest Honorable Mention 26th People and the Sea Photo Contest "Mariner's Eye" Honorable Mention 2014 Watari Town Sightseeing Photo Contest Selected

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