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On-Site Photo Shoot 1 hour :JPY8,000

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My name is TRIBECKHAM and I am a freelance school photographer. [Current work content] ◦ Shooting various events from kindergarten to high school [Possible work] In addition to the above work content ◦ Family photo shooting outside the studio (on-site shooting) ◦ Video shooting outside the studio (4K UHD 120P Up to) (on-site photography) is also possible. [Equipment] ◦Camera: CANON EOS R5, SONY FDR-X3000, SONY FDR-AX60 ◦Lens: CANON RF24-105mm F4 L IS USM / EF70-300mm F4-5.6L IS USM, SIGMA 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Contemporary ◦ Lighting: GODOX TT685C / TPro-C, Umbrella, Ref

  • Creator ID:28840
  • Gender:Male
  • Age:private
  • Career:3year(s)
  • Area:Japan
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There are no project which is permited to show here.


Event / School Photography


◦ Computer system related until March 2021 ◦ School photographer (no compensation) from 2017 in parallel with the above ◦ Active as a school cameraman (with compensation) from 2021


◦We cannot accept projects that include sexual expressions, violent expressions, or antisocial expressions. ◦In the case of copyright transfer, the transfer fee is basically twice the order fee.

Work location

Comment: JR南越谷駅から電車で1時間程度までの地域を対象にしています。交通費別途。

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Movie Outsite,Photo Outsite

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