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My name is STUDIO ARISE (Find Mix Co., Ltd.), which is engaged in video production and design production in Tokyo. We work in a wide range of fields such as photography and video production, so I think we can meet the needs of various customers from individuals to corporations. Depending on the scene you use, such as “for audition”, “for profile” and “for materials”, you can give appropriate advice on clothes and posing from the experience of taking a wide range of shooting. is. [Our strengths] ・ We are fully equipped with approximately 36 m2 of our own studio in Tokyo (8 minutes on foot from Ikebukuro Station) with peace of mind, so we can lower the cost of photography without having to rent a separate studio.・ Video production is also available besides still photography.・ All the designs and photographs produced by our company are checked for quality with ColorEdge such as EIZO and MultiSync such as NEC.・ We can cope with outside location photography.・ We can arrange various models and location before shooting.・ The main cameraman also has experience as a seminar instructor in Tokyo's founding support business.・ It is an official member of the Japan Institute of Photography. -Tokyo Chamber of Commerce member company. [Major correspondence possible shooting items] Profile shooting interview shooting family photo, memorial photo event, party photo store, business trip of the store, facility shooting product shooting, shooting architecture, property, completion photo shooting cooking photo, restaurant shooting magazine, advertisement shooting材 Material, audition photography Maternity photo shooting Your visit to the shrine photo shoot after-effect shoot · baby photo shoot baby · children photo shoot matchmaking photo · wedding photo shoot seventy-five photo shoot adult ceremony photo shoot other than above is also available Please feel free to contact us.

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There are no project which is permited to show here.


Product Phot ography,Interior Photography,Architecture Photography,People and Portrait Photography,Landscape Photography,Fashion Photography,Interview Photography,Event / School Photography,Commemorative Photo,Film Shooting


[Company in charge of the past and present company]-Major department store, major trading company, major mail order company, major bedding manufacturer, major tourist hotel, major cosmetic company, major travel company, major recruitment media, major entertainment Office ※ We apologize for not giving a specific company name in relation to NDA. ※ Sample images of family photos and family photos are not published from the perspective of personal information.


It is a small and very homey company where you can consult anything. Since prior meetings are also available, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Experts will be happy to help you solve your problems. In addition, please note that you may not answer the phone during shooting.

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Comment: 23区外は出張料金が発生いたします。

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Movie Studio,Movie Outsite,Photo Studio,Photo Outsite

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