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Standard Fee

On-Site Photo Shoot 1 hour :JPY12,000

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Projects Done 102

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How do you do.
My name is Miki yokokawa.
Piano concert photo gallery presentation, nursery school, elementary school, and other event photography, we are happy to.

Are we shooting food.

Usually weekend has activities focusing on, even on weekdays during the day if you are adjustable. Please feel free to contact us!

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  • Gender:Female
  • Age:private
  • Career:private
  • Area:Japan
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There are no project which is permited to show here.


Event / School Photography,Commemorative Photo,Food Photography,People and Portrait Photography,Interview Photography


-Photo history

5 years
 -Shooting records
Piano recital (amateur circles, classroom presentations, such as 5-6 times a year).
 * You know, too minor for piano flow
Event photography (FP fair 2015)
Events of primary school primary school athletic meet, children's Festival, nursery garden graduation ceremony, athletics

(Any publicity activities of the PTA, album)
-Camera models

Canon EOS 7 d MarkII, 7 D, 6 D, 60 D
Sigma 70-200 mm standard lens (both f2.8)
Single focus Canon 50 mm f1.8
Canon 24-105 mm f4L

Work location

Comment: 主に関東近辺。交通費はお見積りに含まれます。

Available service

Photo Outsite

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