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Standard Fee

One A4-sized color illustration :JPY20,000

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Favorited:  138    3,202cpt See CPT distribution

Projects Done 52

Satisfaction good good good good good (5.0)

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Jp 日本語


Mostly anime series boys and girls draw for our Center.
For illustrations of the age limit,

It's OK if the lighter your sex appeal.
Setting the amount.
Increase or decrease the picture size and contents.
Such small somne of personal use,
Following also you wrote down the price than it is possible.
Also, even if the second request, such as continuing
Will we have set more plentiful.

( coterie or individuals only )
Only the ★ character BU up to hip-position ) 4000 Yen ~
★ Cara only General 6,000 yen ~
★ 2 head wear character General 4,000 yen ~
☆ items added 1000 yen ~
☆ background added 2,000 yen ~

( simple background such as textures if free )
Opinions greatly in the middle like a change
If the change occurs, depending on the amount of work
We may be charged extra.
( also arrangements made smoothly,

I can provide illustrations in low )
Here is work at Photshop.
If you have any other questions,

Please contact us.
Many? s blog» illustration samples displays.
"Site." http://stealth69.Web.FC2.com/index.html

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MOE anime girls boys animal Parrot


Dojin game charades, Tachie, still
Corporate & personal site sign illustrations, Mobile game images and illustrations cut.
Such as

( We are exporting in paid work only )
For more details, visit the site. Invoice posting OK & we update the order status.


Meetings and e-mail interaction is important, because

Without hesitation many consult. Think deeply if I have the communication, can make better picture ( ^ ^ )

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