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poster/wallpaper work

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Open 29.May.2017〜109 days left

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Manga Job


From ¥500,000 To ¥1,000,000


First Presentation 02/June/2017
Final Delivery: 04/January/2022

Client Profile

Client NameMccomics (ID:21082)
LocationUnited States of America
LanguageEnglish (US)
Number of
2-5 workforces
Proficiency I often comission specialists.
Review Ave. good good good good good

Project Detail

we are looking for high Quality artist that can draw in the following . This project will have 40 poster/wallpaper that need to be done , but they are not hard they are simple and easy .

realistic art work ( using solid coloring or blend coloring)
western art style

posters that are high Quality.

what we like to see in a artist that youll get the job faster are.
1. being honest
2. happy to work or do the jobs that we given them
3, wiling to give use a free simple of out work before hiring
4. sending work on time all the time.
5. given discount for huge projects if they can .

we have posted below a simple of what we are looking and are trying to get as wall papers to be done can you do your work this good ? the best Price also with the best help will get this job and a contract that is longer term or short term. it all what the artist want to pick . all artist get a bonus pay if they finish the project before deadline ( as get weekends and holidays off. )

Copyright Terms

Transfer copyright to the Client(The Artist will NOT exercise her/his moral rights)

See Description About Copyright Terms

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