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My name is Chuo Recording System Co., Ltd., an MA studio in Fukuoka. For nearly half a century since our founding in 1975, we have been providing recording services centered on narration recording. From narration recording for commercials such as TV and radio, MA, selection of BGM for in-store broadcasting and events, in recent years ・Websites and Youtube ・Educational videos such as e-learning ・Training contents ・Manual videos ・Presentation at general meetings of shareholders and academic conferences ・Games and sightseeing It also supports narration recording for applications such as guides, and has a cumulative record of over 1,200 companies in a wide variety of fields. Our studio is located in Fukuoka City, but we use remote tools such as Zoom, Skype, and Teams to attend, and we have a track record of use by customers nationwide. Remote attendance reduces the cost of traveling to and staying at the site, and it is possible to give instructions and progress as smoothly as on-site attendance. It is already used by customers all over the country. From the voice sample page on our website, you can select a narrator that matches your image from the voice samples of over 150 men and women, including foreign language narrators. However, the work of "selecting" a narrator that fits the client's image from a huge number of narrators, "confirming the schedule", casting and recording is very difficult. But don't worry! As part of our services, we select and propose narrator candidates and arrange for narrators. Experienced veteran engineers with more than 40 years of industry experience will propose a narrator that is perfect for your image.

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Narration recording, MA, BGM selection, sound effects, audio data collection

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