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Nice to meet you, I'm Zimba, a video editor! We will edit your video with all your heart! [What you can do with video editing] ①Cut ②Telop insertion ③Image insertion ④BGM, sound effect insertion ⑤Color tone correction ⑥Noise removal, reduction ⑦Mosaic insertion ⑧Thumbnail production ⑨Motion graphic [Delivery frequency] Basically delivered within one week! (Please contact us!) [What you are aware of when editing videos] It is important to edit the image as requested by the client. The editing work is done with the highest priority on the client's world view and what he wants to express. I will edit the video with all my heart! [Editing software] ・ Premiere Pro / After Effects / Photo Shop

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  • Age:21y.o.
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YouTube video editing, WeB CM creation


A video editing team of an educational company created a booth video for Web commercials and exhibitions. (It is still being broadcast on YouTube) * For some reason, "Cover image" and "Works in this category" could not be uploaded. We have prepared it, so we will give it to you when you hire.


[Regarding work requests] We will carefully share the images of the edited contents and make adjustments so that we can deal with each other comfortably. Those who meet these conditions are not allowed to do business from here.・ Those who lack business etiquette ・ Those who earnestly cut prices ・ Those whose request contents change steadily ・ Those who respond abnormally slowly We will refuse such cases from here.

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