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Software Development

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I've also experienced javascript not only on the server side but also on the front side, mainly with PHP as the main Web engineer's history 5 years. We heard requests from clients, build specifications from the design of development, and allocate work to other persons in charge. From now on, I would like to aim for an engineer who can make full use of the stack while improving development skills by challenging in a higher load environment.

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· Development and operation of customer management system CRM [Scale] Role: Number of members: 6 people [Detail] We were in charge of system design, development and testing all together. In operation, I attend Orientation with client, I am in charge of progress report, arrangement of requests etc. In addition, we also had work requests and progress management to subcontractors. [Language · Tools] PHP (Symfony, Laravel), MySQL, Git · Short term projects for various Web system development [Scale] Role: Number of members: 5 people [Details] According to the specifications of projects with minimum one month to several months Based on the design, I was in charge of program construction to testing a lot. 1. Development of API of smartphone application 2. Development of EC site of major sales company 3. Development of data collection system of Web scraping etc ... [Language · Tools] PHP (CakePHP), EC-Cube, WordPress, Python, Ruby, MySQL, Git


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