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Thank you for browsing. Nice to meet you, my name is Arisa Yuzuki. From personal use to commercial use, we are closely involved in new projects and projects. We strive for strict adherence to delivery dates and smooth communication. Please feel free to message us. I will make each one with all my heart. Production is mainly done on weekdays. I basically don't make it on Saturdays and Sundays. * Messages are also exchanged on Saturdays and Sundays. ■ Painting trends I am good at drawing dignified or sad expressions, non-erotic sexy, and cool Gothic boys and girls.

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『第六猟兵』(C)柚木うさ吉 /トミーウォーカー

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Single picture illustration (cover, etc.), icon, header, Live2D


After working as an illustrator at a social game production company, he is currently working as a freelancer. I have been an illustrator for 10 years. [Game] ・ Production of characters and costumes for beautiful girl social games ・ Production of costume items for dark fantasy social games ・ Character production for fantasy social games ・ 36 productions by Tommy Walker (PBW) [Illustration] ・ SKIMA 17 commissions


[Caution] ・ We do not accept grotesque or sexually explicit items.・ Self-made remarks ・ Commercial use and secondary use without permission ・ Secondary distribution (reprint) ・ Rough reprint and use are prohibited.・ The copyright is not transferred.・ The delivered work may be posted on Twitter, homepage, pixiv, etc. Please contact us if you would like to keep it private. -There is a small copyright notice in the corner of the illustration. © Arisa Yuzuki

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