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Translation company Crimson Japan is a translation and English proofreading service (English native) mainly for Japanese-English translation (English translation) and English-Japanese translation (Japanese translation), focusing on pharmaceutical research and development, clinical trials, examination application documents, academic treatises, etc. Check) is provided. The systems and efforts to realize high-quality translation services and English proofreading services have been highly evaluated, and we have acquired ISO9001: 2015, which is one of the few translation companies' international certification for quality management systems, and ISO17100: 2015, the international standard for translation. We are a translation company that provides English translation services mainly for industrial translation of corporations and companies by making use of our advanced expertise and translation proofreading network. In addition to Japanese-English translation and English-Japanese translation, we also support Asian language translation such as Chinese and Korean.

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SEO Writing,Copywriting,Article / Column,Ad Writing,Editing,Proofreading,Translation


The translators and checkers involved in academic translation are all specialists who have obtained master's or doctoral degrees from Harvard University and other world-class universities. Let experts in each field translate your treatise.

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